Center Publications

Health Resources Manual

The Center publishes its Health Resources Manual that provides health information that teachers statewide may access to support the health needs of children of poverty.  The manual is divided into 10 sections representing 10 areas of health concerns and includes 282 vetted health resources.


Position Papers

The Center publishes white papers on critical issues pertaining to the education of children of poverty. Authors for these papers are solicited from university faculty, researchers, legislators, and policy analysts.

Anderson, L. W. (2007). Solutions in search of problems: Breaking the cycle of failed educational reform.

Anderson, J. (2008). Characteristics of succeeding and struggling South Carolina school districts.

Rex, J. (2010). Transforming South Carolina by transforming children of poverty.

Online Journal

The Center publishes Teaching Children of Poverty (TCOP), an on-line journal for teachers of children of poverty.  The Center is currently relocating TCOP to an new online publisher.

McWayne, J., Meetze, T. E., Bausmith, S., & Kaur, D. (2014). Looking, listening, learning: Qualitative research, developing strategies for teaching children of poverty.


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