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Center of Excellence • 2017 Summer Institute

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2016 COE Fall Workshop




Gerry Brooks


2016 FALL WORKSHOP • Nov. 7, 2016

Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty

Keynote Speaker – Gerry Brooks

“Spreading Humor Through the World of Education”

The Fall Workshop was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed Gerry Brooks presentation.

More than 950 attendees re-registered for the Hurricane Matthew-delayed workshop

held at River Bluff High School Performing Arts Center in November.

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Spring Research Consortium

2017 Center of Excellence Spring Research Consortium

March 14, 2017

Location:  SC Department of Archives & History • 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC  29223

Keynote Speaker: David C. Berliner

David Berliner is Regent’s Professor of Education Emeritus at Arizona State University. He is the winner of numerous awards, most notably the Brock award and the AERA award for distinguished contributions to education.  Professor Berliner has authored more than 200 published articles, chapters and books. Among his best known works is the book co-authored with B. J. Biddle, The Manufactured Crisis, and the American Education.   His most recent book, 50 Myths and Lies that Threaten America’s Public Schools, was co-authored with Gene V. Glass and students, and published in March, 2014.  We are excited to have him with us for the Research Consortium.

2016 COE Summer Institute

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year's 2016 event!

The Summer Institute continues to improve each year and your participation is a large part of that success!

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Downloadable Materials from the Speakers at 2016 Summer Institute

tomlinson_keynote_4 tomlinson_strategies_for_diff tomlinson_di_rubric kafele_closing_attitude_gap_pdf gerry_brooks_ppt

Carol A. Tomlinson


Carol A. Tomlinson


Carol A. Tomlinson

DI Rubric

Baruti Kafele


Gerry Brooks


Delmae 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Delmae  Elementary School



Meet a Challenge to Involve More Families: No Family Left Behind—“Healthersize” Night

When data showed that parents living at or below the poverty line were not as engaged in the school and their children’s education as much as economically-advantaged families, the Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) at Delmae Elementary School took the challenge to reach more and different families.  One activity conducted in the 11-12 school year was No Family Left Behind: Healthersize Night. Community health providers met teachers, parents, and students in a community location where many of the families lived. Parents were invited to attend the unique activity in their neighborhood through newsletters, e-mail, phone calls, and various reminders.  The planners advertised that dinner for the family would be served and useful take-home materials would be provided.

At Healthercize Night, over 800 students and 400 parents and other family members spoke with and gathered information from local health agencies, including dentists, doctors, mental health providers, safe kids programs, and health and fitness centers.  Activities were conducted to demonstrate ways to prepare inexpensive healthy snacks.  Students took home books about healthy lifestyles, jump ropes, and other equipment for physical activities.

After the evening celebration of health, all students and families who were not able to attend Healthersize Night received take-home packets with the information they missed.  The school webpage also featured information and photos, and the ATP reviewed families’ evaluations of the activity.  Funding for Healthersize included a $1000 grant from Francis Marion University’s Center of Excellence and $500 from the Delmae parent organization.  By going to the families that they wanted to reach, the school’s ATP, teachers, and administrators met many new parents and gave welcoming messages encouraging them to communicate with teachers and come to other school activities.

Reach Results for Student Success in School:  SoSMaRT Night (Social Studies, Science, and Math along with Reading and Technology)

At Delmae Elementary School, school-wide data indicated that students needed extra help and practice in math, science, reading, and social studies. The Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) and classroom teachers wanted to enlist parents to help them keep students motivated about their classwork and about learning.  One activity designed to do this was a family workshop entitled SoSMaRT Night, which featured standards-based activities that parents and students could recreate at home to increase skills across the curriculum.

Grade level and vertical teams met to study formative and summative achievement data to identify specific skills in each subject that would benefit from family engagement with students at home.  Students, too, tracked their data and identified skills they wanted to improve.  Parents were surveyed for topics that they needed information about to help their children at home. Teachers, then, designed hands-on activities that required common materials that all families and children could enjoy and learn from at home, regardless of their backgrounds.  They introduced the activities and skills at the SoSMaRT workshop.

Dinner was provided to participants at SoSMaRT by local business partners.  The ATP and teachers were also responsive to the challenge of providing information to families who could not attend the workshop.  Each non-attending family received a We Missed You packet containing a 30-page booklet with the same activities and a video to help them recreate SoSMaRT at home.  

See details on Delmae’s Healthersize activity in Promising Partnership Practices 2012 at www.partnershipschools.org in the section Success Stories.